What I do:


It doesn't matter if you've had years of therapy and just need a refresher due to some recent trigger in your life, if past therapy didn't work well, or you are are new to the therapy experience. Together we can chart a new course in the unconscious with a healthier belief system that feels right in the mind and the body.


Trained in both traditional forms of therapy and experiential therapy, I take you to a depth that you can tolerate in order to change. I act as a guide to the "root" of the belief and/or behavior that keeps cycling in the results and feelings you are uncomfortable with.In experiential therapy there is no touch involved, however the brain is affected differently, which speeds up change.


CareerPicture (47K) When you have an experience your brain and body says no to, energy gets stuck, and it is stored in the brain with a flight or fight sensor tagged to it. This creates a repetitive response to the environment that may be less than desirable. Also, what we hear as a child, tends to go unchecked for the rest of our lives and the beliefs you developed as a child that kept you safe, or in your place, often botch up the life you want as an adult.


I treat depression, anxiety, relationship problems, adjustment disorders, grief, addiction and bipolar disorder, but these are just diagnoses, not root of the problem. Sypmtoms of those diagnoses are difficult to change unless the root cause and belief system that supports and maintains the symptoms get treated.



To initiate change, we target a specific memory and alter the memory storage and perception in the brain. EMDR and EFT skirt the natural defense system. They go to work on the root cause.


Don't worry if you don't have many memories, there are ways of getting around that.


Humans operate from the unconscious approximately 85% of the time. The more the world gives us feedback "in accordance" with our beliefs and perspective, the more we unconsciously look for and act out experiences that validate our beliefs, good OR bad.


Experiential therapy works wonders with pain and with sports performance too.


I have included in this website "About EMDR and EFT" and my Tapping Instruction Sheet.
You can also visit http://www.eftuniverse.com/ and http://www.emofree.com