After suffering from four different episodes of depression in the past seven years, I finally found a psychologist who got to the root of my problems. Her insightfulness and no nonsense approach worked wonders. - CW, El Dorado Hills

After years of medications (with unpleasant side-effects) and other variably-successful therapy, I was referred to Leslie. When I accepted the possibility of somewhat unconventional "tapping" therapy, I found that within a few months I was able to dramatically diminish my self-defeating thoughts and proceed with a much happier life. - RL, Sacramento

With Leslie's help I was able to navigate through truly trying times. Divorce,loss of work, and the sale of my home. I gained valuable insight, retrieved my self confidence, and came away with tools for dealing with emotional turmoil. These new tecniques can be of use to me for the rest of my life. I recommend her to anyone seeking therapy. Sincerely, N. B.

In working with you, I have made great personal growth and the positive impact this has had on my life is ever-lasting! Thank you Leslie sincerely for all you have done. - JF, Sacramento