Need Couple Therapy?


Are you longing for love and understanding but you avoid going home or discussing sensitive topics?

Your relationship is distressed or there is too much distance?

Do you feel nagged or criticized?

Are you discouraged because you don't feel understood or heard?

Do your arguments always go the same route over and over?


You know that there is nothing more important than having a happy relationship. Your health and even your financial status is even related to the happiness of your relationship. I know how to help you get out of the negative pattern in your relationship, even if you are distressed and discouraged. I use a model of couples therapy that is demonstrated by research to improve marriage and relationships!


EFT is a proven roadmap to the process of change in couple therapy. John Gottman, Ph.D., Bestselling author of The Seven Principles of Making a Marriage Work

Emotionally Focused Therapy addresses the important and often scary questions we ask ourselves when the relationship is difficult: Do I matter to my partner? Do I feel safe enough in this relationship to be myself? Will he or she be there for me when I need them the most?


These questions are typically the root of what couples fight about: the security or emotional bond in their relationship. When we are in fear that the answer to one of the above questions may be no, it can cause us to feel alone and isolated, and as though we are fighting for survival.


And we often do fight. Or withdraw. Without realizing it.


EFT helps partners learn not only to be more open and trusting with each other, but also to reach out for one another more effectively. It is a highly researched, effective, evidence-based form of treatment that focuses on the emotional bond between partners, presuming that most relationship problems arise from a disruption in this bond.


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